Products have life cycles.

Brands outlive products.

Think about your favourite brands.

Describe how you feel about your favourite brands?

What makes the brands to the right so powerful?

Here is a story of how personal brands created great product brands

The best branding today is based on a strong idea. The best brands have remarkable creativity to help them break through people's wall of indifference to create brand heat.

In this culminating summative project you will create a brand and build a branded website that will incorporate some of the products you've created throughout the semester.

Your branded website will be based on your previously assigned PSA.

An example: No Smoking on School Property could be associated with a brand named "Smokeless High Schools"


Assignment 1: Portfolio Website

You will create a portfolio website that features the best work you have created in this course.
Your site design should reflect your personality and your work.
Are you fun and energetic?
Are you a precise, meticulous worker?
Is your vision dark and brooding?
Use your colour palette, layout and navigation to let the user know what to expect from you.

Your website will include:

HOME - must have a graphical header (created in Photoshop) with your organization's name or logo, a slider with two slides 2 highlighting upcoming initiatives and/or linking to previous media work (your video psa, audio psa, etc...)

ABOUT - This page must describes your organization's history, purpose, function, and importance. (Min. 150 words)

AUDIO - This page will contain your audio psa (embedded and aesthetically pleasing with good UX)

VIDEO - This page will contain your video psa (embedded and aesthetically pleasing with good UX)

CONTACT - This page will contain an email form (allowing people to email your organization) and the following 4 social network icons (not associated with any accounts) --> twitter,  facebook, instagram, snapchat

You will use photoshop to create your header/logo and a poster for your organization.

Each page, except the contact page, should feature samples of your best work. Beside each sample, include a paragraph describing the project and why you think it is effective.

You can include assignments that you have completed for this course or original work that you have created on your own time. If you are using previously submitted work, you are encouraged to improve your projects by incorporating feedback you received from your teacher or classmates. This is an opportunity to show how your skills have improved throughout the course.

Your portfolio website will only be shared with other students in our class. Do not include any information that you are not comfortable sharing. Instead of leaving fields blank, substitute generic text so that your teacher can still evaluate the composition and typography of your site.

A site map, wireframe sketch of each page and a colour scheme for your site.
Your complete website folder.

Learn about some common web terminology here!



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