For this assignment you will create an individual edit using AUDACITY and the required effects, sounds, music and narration.

Use the topic you're producing a video PSA for. Research information related to your assigned PSA.  With this information, you will write and record a 30 second promotional school appropriate audio public service announcement.

You will use the Design Process to plan and create this project. You may work with a classmate for the recording (multiple voice or specific sounding voice other than your own).

You will create your own individual PSA script and mix for this project.


□  Identify a Need - (essentially your existing PSA topic)

□  Design Brief - Short outlined idea (Delivery, stats, target audience, overall campaign feel)

□  Tasks Schedule - time frame (when the  script will be completed,  when the voice recording will be completed, when the final mix will be completed)

□  Analysis of Brief - Is there anything to add/remove - Is the initial material in the brief best?

□  Research - talk to students that were affected by the PSA's topic (idea to integrate previously affected individuals to your production)

□  Specification - list design requirements (number of voices, type of music, dynamic effects to use, microphones, recording room, type of sell, exported file type)




For our first activity, it will be necessary for you to adjust and apply:

Volume and Equalizer 

Envelope Automation (DUCKING!)

Effects (Reverb, Compression, Pitch Shift, etc...)

Create a final mix with compression.


For this project, your PSA needs to have a minimum of:

2 Vocal Tracks - (announcer, actors)

2 Sound Effects  

1 Music Track  

Volume adjusted appropriately for all tracks.

Compression added to final mix!


When finished the mixdown, you will paired with another student to gather feedback on your project and record (write down observations).

Be sure to answer the following:

1 - Say what you like about the Project

2 - Potential problems

3 - Suggest potential solutions or what they could do differently.