A website/portfolio showcases your work, and shows the evolution of your learning in this class. You can even use it in the future as a job search tool as it shows your skills and professional development.

All websites are on a web server. Web server space can be acquired from web hosting companies.

We’re going to use https://www.hostinger.co.uk/web-hosting#plans-pricing”>HOSTINGER or BYETHOST .

**before beginning – create a new gmail account (First three letters of your first name + TGJ)**

Get started here: https://www.hostinger.co.uk/web-hosting#plans-pricing

Order a free account.

Use the first three letters of your first name followed by TGJ, add email and choose a password!


Go to your email account and confirm your email address.

That will take you to the set-up page.

set up domain

Choose domain type:  Sub-domain

Use the first three letters of your first name and the letters “TGJ” for your subdomain name. eg: roecss

Select this domain –> .esy.es

Click submit.

Click Hosting. Choose your domain, then scroll to the Website section.


Select Auto Installer and install WordPress.

Your WordPress installer should look like this

Wordpress confirmation

Set your password and click INSTALL!

You’re done!  Congratulations on using cPanel on shared web hosting service and setting up WordPress!

Let’s begin!!!