In this activity, you’ll design and make a skeletal website that has multiple pages linked together. It will be populated with buttons and banners created in Photoshop. Buttons and banners will be linked to each other.

The focus is to familiarize ourselves with Dreamweaver and website structure.

You will:

Create a sitemap and wireframe. (The planning phase – It’s important to have a map before departing on a trip)

Create a homepage that will link to multiple pages.
Your homepage must be saved as index.html
PRO TIP: Avoid using spaces for web page (html) file names. Ex: PREFERRED “aboutme.html”  NOT RECOMMENDED “about me.html”

Save ALL files in one folder to avoid linking issues in the future (as your site expands).

Create banners in Photoshop – You can save images with transparent backgrounds too! (In Photoshop, File–>Save for web –> png24)

Do not resize graphics in Dreamweaver once they’re in your table. Resize graphics in Photoshop.