(taken from Mr. Mike Harris)

Creating a Flash button for your sound board is straightforward if you have your other assets prepared. (2 images that are sized – trimmed audio segments )

Before continuing do you have the following?

bullet Your 2 images for the rollover effect ? (sized to 200p x 200p)
bullet a sound clip of suitable length ?
bullet If so then open  FLASH  and start by setting up your “stage” to the dimensions of your cells
200 x 200 pix (remember your table is 600 pix W x L     3 x 3cells )
bullet Next Go File Import to Library and Import your assets to the
library so that they can be used in your production
bullet Drag and drop your first image onto the stage and centre it by eye or use the “align” tool
bullet Now convert the image to a button  (Insert – Convert to symbol – BUTTON )

bullet Next double click the first image and go the intertween and observe 4 frames that
represent the states of a button  up – over – down – hit
(hit = area around button that is active)
bullet Make each a Key Frame ( not the dot appears )
bullet In the Over Frame drag the image that will appear when your mouse is over the button
bullet in the Down Frame drag and drop the sound clip that you have in the library
in the sound Properties box below the stage select:
SYNC – Event
bullet If you want the sound to play when you mouse over the button then place the sound in the OVER frame

Now go File > Publish preview – Default … and test your button

If it works then save and publish your button

Your button will have 2 files an .FLA and an .SWF file your will insert the .SWF file into your table

In DreamWeaver Insert – Media –  Flash into the cell of your choice

Now you just have to do this 7 more times !!

You will  have to upload your 8 buttons and the HTML table document