TGJ3/4M Communications Technology
Unit 1: Once Upon a Time… A History of Media

This assignment is designed to stress the importance of communications technologies across the world. Students will apply a variety of media technologies to communicate core concepts and provide their own insight on past and present technologies.

You will put together a 15-minute multimedia presentation, which explains how communication technologies have fundamentally shaped human society. You can use history and theories we have explored in class, as well as at least four additional sources. A properly cited bibliography should be included.

Here are some areas to consider, but feel free to come up with your own. The role of communication technologies in:
How did radio, television and social networking technologies alter how we choose out leaders?
How have political revolutions been organized and reproduced through media technologies?
What role do media play within global commerce?
How have media technologies affected skills such as literacy, memorization and attention span?
What educational benefits have resulted from new media technologies?

Your presentation must include at least four distinct forms of media technology to prove your point. Examples may include: the use of short video clips, audio clips, Instagram, Pinterest, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Consider using your cell phone in the presentation, or collect information through Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr during the research phase. Part of your grade rests on your ability to use available communications technology creatively and innovatively.