The Film

Explore the filmmaker’s site for HELVETICA, which features a blog, trailers, screening information and more.

Fonts and Type Design

Keep up to date with this journal of typography featuring “news, observations and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.”

MyFonts: Font Index
View more than 63,000 fonts, including all 35 different styles of Helvetica.

x-Height: FontHaus’ Online Magazine: Linotype Library
Get a history of the Mergenthaler Linotype Company, one of most successful type foundries in history and a manufacturer of Helvetica.

Typophile: Helvetica
Study a brief history of Helvetica and its developments.

TypeNEU: An Odyssey in Typography
Learn about the culture of font design with this site founded by two digital designers. Called TypeNeu, it “reports on the past, present and the future of typographic culture, with main focus on typefaces and applied typography in different forms.”

The World of Fonts
Explore the worlds of fontography, the principles of type design and the history of serif and sans serif.

ABC Typography
Wander through this virtual typography museum that includes typefaces from the 1480s to today.

The Scourge of Arial
Learn the history of Arial (also known as Helvetica’s “not-very-faithful imitation”), the font that dominates the Internet. Become an expert, by finding out how to spot Arial.

Printing History

Early Printing in Korea
Learn about the movable type and printing technologies dating back to the eighth century in Korea.

Gutenberg and the Koreans: Did East Asian Printing Traditions Influence the European Renaissance?
Read about how printing in East Asia may have influenced later European traditions.

Graphic Design

Explore the home of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, which includes professional resources and articles on a wide variety of topics related to design matters. Desktop Publishing
Discover the basic principles of graphic design, including in desktop publishing, courtesy of


Listen to a podcast that regularly broadcasts news and interviews about type and design. Episodes feature people such as Paula Scher, Erik Spiekrmann and Massimo Vignelli, all seen in HELVETICA.

I.D. Magazine: Down with Innovation
Read a 2008 article by British design writer Rick Poyner about the state of contemporary design.

DesignBoom: Massimo Vignelli
Experience an interview with the acclaimed Italian designer.

Lars Müller Publishers
Explore the publishing company of Lars Müller, the Norwegian-born designer and author of Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Discover fonts and other features included at the Web home of American print designers Tobias Frere-Jones and Jonathan Hoefler.

Sagmeister Inc.
Examine the official site for German designer Stefan Sagmeister.

David Carson Design
Investigate the site of innovative American designer David Carson.

Research Studios
Explore the design studio established by British designer and art director Neville Brody.

Striking the Eye: An Interview with Wim Crouwel
Read a 2007 interview with influential Dutch designer Wim Crouwel.

Enter the Web presence for the graphic design studio established in 2001 by British designer Michael C. Place.

Design Library—Design Museum, London
Read Design Library interviews with Zurich-based design team NORM (co-founded by Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs) and Amsterdam’s Experimental Jetset (co-founded by Danny van Dungen, Marieke Stolk and Erwin Brinker).


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