SNEAKERHEADS – pics holding one or two sneaks

#SELFIE – page full of selfie thumbnails (Vittoria’s contribution)

ECSS TWINS – students with twins (Jessica’s contribution)

DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN….? – each story would start by finishing that sentence (Jordan’s contribution)

MEME PAGE – (Gianpaolo’s contribution)

FAMOUS QUOTES – (Gianpaolo’s contribution)

WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY – (Gianpaolo’s contribution)

SIGNATURES – (Gianpaolo’s contribution)

YEAR OVERVIEW – (Gianpaolo’s contribution)

OUR GENERATION –  highlighting things that were introduced to us as we were growing up. Including gaming consoles, wifi, YouTube, old cartoons or tv shows, etc… (Sam’s contribution)

CELEBRITY LOOK ALIKE – students that look like celebrity lookalikes (Jessica’s contribution)

MOST LIKELY TOO –  student lookalikes or a page of students (Jessica’s contribution)

MOST LIKELY TO – “Most Likely To…” do something extraordinary in the future (great captions could accompany this) (Jessica’s idea)

PAGE FULL OF WORDS – the sayings around the school (carpe diem, inspire others, live your dream, etc) This was Sam’s idea!

COLOURS – hair colours around the school  – could be dye, streaks, etc..

I WANT TO BE – pics of students and their aspirations in text

THAT APP – pics of students on houseparty or instagram (a picture of people on their  screen)

WORK – selfies with students at work (whether homework or school work)

THE BLOCK – student shots from each corner of the school

OUR CULTURE – students and unique foods/forms of dress, etc..

BEATS – students and their top 5 fave songs or current fave song.

17 – graduating year filled with pics (Diana’s contribution)

HUMANS OF CARR – self explanatory (Ivana and Diana’s contribution)

POPULAR MEMES – memes of the year; Kermit meme, Arthur meme (Diana’s contribution)

FASHION (Rachel contribution)

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (Rachel contribution)

STUDENT LIFE AT EMILY CARR (Rachel contribution)